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The Purifying Mage - Magicka Templar DPS PvE Build

The Purifying Mage


(UPDATED Rotation: Jan 12th 2017)

(Potion active during screenshot above)

Templar has always been my favorite class. I wanted to make a Magicka Templar DPS viable, and non-melee. It took me a while, but I'm quite happy with what I came up with. Hopefully next patch Templar will be even better. The rotation isn't too hard, but it's a touch more difficult than a sorcs rotation. The two skills you want to track are Channeled Focus (apply every other bar swap) and Vampires Bane (apply in three different ways as outlined in rotation section)

Note: Asylum Staff is BiS for this build, but Infal is about 1.5k loss, so still works well.

Another note: Channeled Focus and Heavy Attack is our main sustain. It's not a huge deal if you move out of channeled focus, (which will happen) so don't really worry about staying in it too much as the buff lasts 8sec when outside of it and you'll be casting it every other bar swap, if you really want you can cast every barswap without too much DPS loss. Even without 100% uptime on channeled focus, your sustain will be fine. If you really want, add a magicka recovery glyph to your jewelry, but i found it's not really needed. All parses btw are done without elemental drain magicka return.

The Build:

Attributes: All into Magicka

Armor: 5pc Mother’s Sorrow (All Divines), 2pc Illambris (All Divines, One Med, One Heavy) (See Superstar Screenshot)

Jewelry: 3pc Infal (All Spell Damage Enchant - Channeled Focus is our main sustain) (See Superstar Screenshot)

Weapons: 1pc Inferno Infal Staff (Infused Flame Enchant)-  1pc Lightning vMA Staff (Infused Shock Enchant) (See Superstar Screenshot)

Potions: Essence of Spell Power

Food: Blue Magicka and Health Food

Bar Setup: (See Superstar Screenshot, but replace Force Pulse with Fire Clench)

Inferno Staff:

Fire Clench - Purifying Light - Channeled Focus - InnerLight - Radiant Oppression - [Aedric Spear Ultimate]

Lighting Staff:

Elemental Blockade - Blazing Spear - Vampires Bane - Inner Light - Shield - [Elemental Rage Ultimate]

Rotation: (Potions and Destro Ult on Cooldown)

PreCombat: Channeled Focus -> Ultimate -> BSpear -> LA -> EBlockade -> LA -> VBane -> BarSwap

(UPDATED Rotation: Jan 12th 2017)

Basic > 10% Health Rotation {Cast Channeled Focus Every Rotation}

LA -> Fire Clench -> LA -> PLight -> LA -> Channeled Focus -> BarSwap

HA -> EBlockade -> LA -> BSpear -> LA -> VBane -> BarSwap


Execute <  10% Health Rotation

EBlockade -> ROppresion Spam (Repeat)

Champion Points: (See Superstar Screenshot)

Parse without Asylum Staff: (using 4pc Infal)


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    Member147 Posts

    Focusing on PTS at this point? I am having a play with dual nirn and it looks promising there.

    I am still struggling to work out how you got that last result on live - just can't see what you've changed. Good effort :)

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    Member9 Posts

    It looks like he started executing earlier in the rotation, around 15-20% instead.

    How are you guys going with the latest patch?

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    Member147 Posts

    This is from some quick testing in the current DLC. This one was entirely self-buffed without potions. With external drain should be another 1-2k in there.

    Have switched to DW front bar as it seems to be giving nice results, but have done very limited testing given the bar swap bug and various other combat issues making the whole process rather tiring.

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    Member3 Posts

    Results from current patch using pretty much the same build as in OP. Fully ranged Templar (no sweeps). No cheesing the parse, so no Lover mundus stone (used Apprentice). Self-buffed, so self-applied ele drain. CPs are in the image. 

    Gear is:

    2 Ilambris, 

    5 Mother's Sorrow, 

    4 IA (fire front bar) + vMA shock back bar

    Skills are:

    (Fire staff) Purifying Light, Reflective Light (yes you get a lower uptime but cleave dmg ftw), Fire Clench, Inner Light, Jesus Beam, Empowering Sweep

    (Shock staff) - Blockade, Blazing Shards, Channeled Focus, Inner Light, Ele Drain (swap for harness magicka outside of this controlled environment), Shooting Star

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    Member147 Posts

    Nice work - good to see ranged still works without losing much damage at all :)

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    Member1 Posts

    Hi guys sorry, but I can't seem to see the OP's screenshots?

    Can somebody please post the gear and the CP points for this build?


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