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What do you guys/girls think of a Templar tank that is using. 5 BeeKeeper/ 2 Troll King/ 5 Plague Doctor

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    Hello! Already almost one and a half year I play in TESO and constantly enrages the moment when the group should be "dk tank, mana sorcerer, stamina nb and heal templar." Down with this misunderstanding! The developers did not make any special roles for the classes and I believe that the tank templar (better at the stamina) also has the right to be. After all, now we can see a lot of Varden - healers, and on this, the road opens just to the templar-tank. Yes, I agree that in each group for the dungeon "classics" and profitable should be 4 characters of different classes (passives each other complement and give more bonuses), but do not want to play "by template."


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