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“Soul Burst” PVP Mag Sorc. Extreme Burst Build

Race: Breton works best but High/Dark Elf will suffice.

Weapon Type: Flame  Destro (Nirn) &  Resto (Nirn)

Sets: Juli (5) War Maiden (5) D House (1) (5 Light, 1 Med, 1 Heavy)

Mundus: Atro 

Food: Witch Mother’s Brew 

Additional Items: Tri Pots (Bugloss, Columbine, Red Flower) Immovable Pots (Blessed Thistle, Columbine, Nam Rot) x2 Damage Health Posions (Flesh Fly Larva, Nightshade, Violate Corp)  

 CP: 100 Bastion, 75 Archanist, 64 Elemental Expert, 64 Elf Born, 51 Thrumaturage, 51 Mater At Arms. The rest can go wherever you please but these are a must.

Skills Bar 1 (Destro): Endless Fury, Inner Light, Crystal Frags, Destructive Reach, Hardened Ward. Ultimate: Soul Assault.  

Skill Bar 2 (Resto): Structured Entropy, Inner Light, Haunting Curse, Streak, Healing award. Ultimate: Energy Overload.

Skill Bar 3 (Energy Overload): Defensive Rune, Inner Light, Deadric Minefield, Streak, Hardened Ward. 

Overview: Magic Sorc is all about Burst damage. 2 Key skills give the mag Sorc the capability to do this, Crystal Frags and Haunting Curse (both are magic type damage). When timed right by hitting the opponent with a procd Crystal Frag and Curses Explosion doing massive initial damage. Also note that Enrtopy, Daedric Mines and Soul Assault  also do Magic damage so 70%+ of our total damage output is nothing but magic type damage.’The only 3 that are not are Destro Reach, Streak & Endless Fury. Destro Reach is for the CC since C Frags no longer have that ability. Streak is also a CC and Mobility skill, while Endless is our Execute skill. 

Comments: This Mag Sorc Build is the most overpowered single target damage pvp Build I have ever played. War Maiden with Juli adds so much damage to Frags/Curse that Medium armor opponents loose 12-16k hp from this alone. Crystal Frags tooltip is near 21k with continuous attack and Soul Assaults is over 87k. This setup melts Medium Armor Stam Blades in literal seconds.

The Overkill Combo: Use these skills in this order and absolutely melt all but the toughest  opponents. (Keeping Hardended Ward up) Entropy, Curse, Desrto Reach, Frag, Fury... if they went below 20% they die, if not but they are very close use Soul Assault to get Endless to pop and finish them. You literally Burst one opponent down in less than 3-5 seconds then move on to the next and repeat. With tough opponents use the rotation 2 times and time a Frag with Curses second explosion without Soul Assault. Only use Soul Assault to put massive pressure on them, keeping them on the defensive and wear them down.

Defensive Rune: Use it every time your about to mount up to keep little pest NB from being able to gank you.

Deadric Mines: Choke Point Killers, they have a lot of potential use while on a Ram to keep opponents from getting in or out or doorways, stairs, etc. With WM & Juli these things are very dangerous and will also help with 1 v 2+ situations.   

In closing having 3800 Effective Spell Damage with magic abilities, 41k Max magic, 1900 Mag Recovery, 51% Spell Crit is very impressive (with continuous) BUT this Build has only one weakness... It’s low  Stamina (11500). That’s what the Immovable Pots are for. Giving 10’seconds of cc immunity and Stam with movement speed removes this Sorc Build of its one and only flaw...

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    How do you prefer to proc the frags?

    Characters: Valrien Dravic (Dunmer Magicka Sorcerer)

    Scores: vMA (499,956) (Probably Null Now)

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    Ideally proc before you start the rotation but having hardened ward on the same bar as crystal frags gives extra opportunities during and pre rotation. Destro Reach and Endless Fury will also give you opportunities as well.

    The main goal however you chose to do it it to get Curse and C Frag to hit at the exact same time. It will take practice, but I’ve done this for so long I don’t even think about it. Like light attack weaving with a Bow or Destro staff, you do it without thought.

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    Hi! Tell me, please, traits and enchantments?

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    TheZavitaev wrote on March 26, 2018

    Hi! Tell me, please, traits and enchantments?

    Armor:  Helm, Chest and Legs infused. The rest divine. If you go full divine its fine,it’s not much of a difference. All Max Magic’ Enchantments.

    Weapons: I use x2 damage health poisons. Mix Flesh fly Larva, Nightshade and Violate Corp. it really helps with the burst. Or use + spell damage enchantments. I prefer the poison since it is a much larger dps increase than the SP enchant but the enchant is much cheaper to manage.

    Hope that helped

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    Nice build, sorry but Whats the monster set (D House) 

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    I have run a similar build for a longgg time.

    Here is a superstar: https://imgur.com/a/i3nX2jN

    i dont have a master staff so destro reach costs me too much sustain so i slot force pulse.

    Also immov pots are my standard I actually run 2 one with health/mag/immov another with stam/speed/immov finally i throw in the invis pots and the ubiquitous tripots from logins

    for enchants and traits my armor is all mag enc. with the bigs being infused and smalls are impen. jewely is two arcane with spell dmg and one infused with reduce spell cost i run an infused fire enchant staff front to help proc bsw and a defending magicka absorb back

    it really does melt alot of people but, unfortunately if you hit good players this is not capable of going 1vX not for more than a short run. 

    one thing to note when ik i will be fighting dks i slot soul assault instead of negate and the poison on my back bar with soul assault will usually shut down an over enthusiastic reflector. 

    Spell Strategist is also a good replacement for war maiden and I prefer bsw over juli


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