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Infallible Infinite Wizard (Magsorc DD Build) Summerset

Changelog: Revamped the Build for Summerset.


A lot of people asked questions about a strategy that is safe and fun to play because they are struggling with the arena. Also, it uses a freaking Daedroth, who woudlnt want that?

With this toon, I completed nearly everything in the game: flawless vMA, top 10 score runs in vDSA, every vet trial including vMoL and vHoF. it is also a very effective DPS-enabler for the whole group and has probably one of the strongest AoE components in the game.

Here is a full flawless vMA run video with the BiS-Version of the Build (new one for Summerset coming in the next days):





Altmer is best due to additional elemental (especially shock) damage and max magicka, dunmer (since SotH) and breton would be your second and third choice.

Selfbuffed Stats:




 Why charged?

Because this gives us and the whole group 100% off-balance and therefore 18% more overall damage (10% damage done and 8% damage taken by the target), 70% more damage on all heavy attacks (includes team members) and free flame lashes for all the DKs.

CP Distribution:

Green Tree:

Depends on the trial

Red Tree

Depends on the trial

Blue Tree

56 Thaumaturge

56 Elemental Expert

56 Elfborn

56 Master-at-arms

Rest into spell erosion and staff expert


The new CP system changes how they work, as most of the trees now have jump points. The returns from them get floored to the full percentage value, e.g. Investing 15.4% in a tree will effectively give you a 15% return. So you want to use the points in a way of where you don't waste too many. The above distribution is always just above the full percentage for trees that have jump points.

Bar Setup:




Empowered Ward/Endless Fury(in raids), Daedric Prey/Endless fury(solo), Channeled Acceleration, Volatile Familiar, Inner LightUltimate: Thunderous Rage


Power Surge(solo)/Endless Fury, Liquid Lightning, Elemental Blockade, Volatile Familiar, Inner LightUltimate: Greater Storm Atronach


Usual strategy:

Keep Surge, Liquid lightning, the volatile familiar pulse and blockade up and Heavy Attack your way through. Shield every now and then. It's as simple as that, stuff dies really fast, especially in AoE situations. Stuff just melts! Save your Ulti for Bosses and Difficult Rounds. This applies to stages 3 and 5 in particular because of all the adds.

What's with Dobby the houseelf?

Pets got buffed a lot with Homestead and Horns of the Reach. They are basically free DPS as they act as companions that choose targets and take them down by themselves. Plus, they take aggro from you. I'm not using daedric prey because enemies in vMA simply die too fast to make it really worth running. Bosses melt fast enough without it. If you plan to use overload, put daedric prey where power surge is and keep it up to buff you buddies. 

The storm atronach puts out less burst, but stronger sustained single target dps and gives melee allies a really strong synergy. Also, Pets are immune to a lot of Mechanics in vMA, such as the lightnign Water, Spinning Blades etc. You can actually get through without having to resummon them more than 3 or 4 times (argonian behemoth kinda kills the familiar in enrage phase). For low health mobs, don't bother putting down liquid lightning, as they die too fast with blockade and heavy attacks.

 Rotation Video:

Start with Surge > Elemental Rage > Bar swap > Liquid  Lightning > LA > Blockade > Bar swap > Full heavy attack > Volatile Familiar > Full Heavy > Daedric Prey > Half Heavy > Bar swap and repeat from Liquid Lightning, and recast surge every third rotation. In execute, replace the heavy attacks with two  times LA > Endless Fury.

6 Million DPS Parse:


Few additional things:

1. The difference between the staffs is that heavy attacks with lightning and resto staffs are channeled. For this build, this means that EACH tick of the attacks gets the infused crushing wall buff, which is 1.6k per tick and thus 3.2k per second (those values scale with cps etc, so it becomes a lot more).

2. Forget the usual sorc ressource management issue: With this build, you can run arund with nearly no mag recovery as you get a ton of ressources back from your heavy attacks.

3. Sorcs get an original buff of 5 % to shock damage.


The only issue is Mobility: As long as you channel attacks, you have reduced movement speed. I didnt have any issues with this, but you need to adapt your gameplay to it! Especially in the last round on top, you need to stay cautious for the fireballs dropping down.

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172 Replies
  1. Kodric

    Member36 Posts

    Do you like Illambris or Maw better? And also which would you choose over the infallible,moondancer, or marshal? Thanks for the update.

  2. Masel92

    Member226 Posts
    Kodric wrote on August 28, 2017

    Do you like Illambris or Maw better? And also which would you choose over the infallible,moondancer, or marshal? Thanks for the update.

    both are viable (even after the maw nerf it still does more than 2k on my dummy), so so it depends on the fight... You can use maw in any fights where it doesn't harm anyone and doesn't have to run around for too long, and ilambris can be used anywhere. Both lead to more or less the same dps.


    Also, I kind of get more dps with a non-minor slayer 4-piece and necro is definitely weaker than netch by about 2k dps on a big dummy.

  3. Unthought

    Member10 Posts

    Looks fun. Couple of questions:

    1. Thief Mundus stone still better than Apprentice with the latest patch? Or is it for Power Surge reasons?

    2. Have you tried 5 Netch 4 Flame Blossom?

  4. Gsuffolk

    Member1 Posts

    You have netch in the gear setup but mention necro further down, which one would be better?

  5. rudvil

    Member10 Posts

    what rotation are you using to get 37k on 3m skelly?

  6. CalmFury

    Member32 Posts

    I'd like to know that rotation you used on the parse too...

    I tried a bunch yesterday but the highest I got was 29k (game is super laggy on Xbox after the patch) but the gap is too big.

  7. JKith

    Contributor233 Posts

    This is one of my favorite builds. Any update for Clockwork City? I'm able to get 39k on 3mil dummy, with the addition of destructive clench in the rotation right after Daedric Prey. I'm using lover mundus, but going to experiment with pen sets and using the apprentice.

    Anyone else interested in this build?

    - The White Mage Oramago

    ”The elements that permeate all living things is the elemental source of my power.”

  8. Silenus

    Member14 Posts

    I am just getting into sorcs and wanting to get the numbers you are pulling any chance you can record a video of your parse?

  9. Hundor

    Member28 Posts

    NM, got it

  10. Masel92

    Member226 Posts

    Updated for Summerset.

  11. Drgneb

    Member267 Posts
    Masel92 wrote on April 26, 2018

    Updated for Summerset.

     AWESOME!! Thank you! I am loving this and its making me glad I came back to the game! Cheers mate. ;)

  12. anfmofo

    Member1 Posts
    Masel92 wrote on April 26, 2018

    Updated for Summerset.


    excellent news. Thanks as always.

    Are you running charged or infused for summerset?


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