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Arkay's Academy - For Gifted Healers

Arkay's Academy

For Gifted Healers

The Academy dedicated to the arts of healing and restoration in Daggerfall will be the main institution to become a priest of Arkay. Currently, most citizens are selected to become priest as they either work extremely close in the sanctification and burial services of their village or town. The Academy hopes to centralise learning, establish doctrine and standard operating procedures for better controlled sanctification, burial practices and the healing arts. The Holy Order of Arkay hopes to utilise the best healers and restoration experts in Tamriel to tutor at the Academy, focusing on maximising the healing skills for students who attend. 

The School of Restoration

Healing Concentration

Over the course of history, men & mer have been in conflict. The rise of healers become  necessary, to help heal and treat the many casualties. Over time small schools of restoration were established, restoration became an increasingly important skill and healers were sought after throughout the land. The Academy hopes to channel and perfect the healing arts through dedicated learning from healing experts. Master tutors of Restoration and Protection spells, techniques for maximum effective healing and positioning lessons. 

The School of ProvisioningThe Art of Cooking

The school of provisioning is a crucial skill provided by the Academy for Students. Food prepared in the right way, using the correct ingredients and preparation can increase medicinal benefits and healing over time support. Masters of provisioning instruct students on recipes and how to obtain more, cooking and food storage. 

The School of Alchemy

The ability to craft healing potions for immediate healing is also important for any priest of Arkay. Knowledge on potions for the healing or buffing (protection) are vital during extremely dangerous situations. Masters of Alchemy instruct students on crafting ingredients and their locations, potion potency and duration skills. 

Additional Skills

Additional skills for a priest include, woodworking and clothing. The ability to construct strong restoration staffs and priest robes is helpful for a priest of Arkay.  Having access to these skill lines a priest of Arkay can better protect themselves whilst working in the field environment and survive harsher climates with the correct clothing. 

Our focus is to establish a learning center, for new and old citizens of Tamriel. Assisting the global community with enough knowledge to better serve their fellow man or mer and assist the divine Arkay to continue with the circle of life. 



About Gabriele Amorth:

Our main projects for The Holy Order of Arkay

1. Pilgrimage of Life & Death - Journey of Understanding 

2. Resurrection of the Knights of the Circle

3. Chapels all over Tamriel - Guild homes converted

4. Build an epic story into ESO. Using a community of ESO players to help build it. 

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    Is this a gaming academy for people?

    Well, I found this interesting. I am new here and one thing to get open is to introduce yourself, I am  Ruby and like to play a video game. Apart from playing video game also like to do outdoor activities.

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    I started playing this game a few months back as I have more interest in playing the multiplayer game. playing game with friends.

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    It is a great article. You will surely like this also because it is a great stuff

    Raft Wars 2 

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